This utility will offer the ability for you to upload your video files to Susan Poole to be prepared for showing on the district cable channel. To use this utility, your files must be less than 10GB in size.

File Name - whatever you want to call the file. Do not include an extension (e.g. my_file NOT
Content & school name - brief description, e.g. grade 7 band concert VMS
Select Files to navigate to your file and Upload to start the process.

For large files, the upload will pause at 99% for a minute or two for final processing on the server. Be patient.
Files that take more than 5 minutes to upload, (usually larger than 2GB), will likely end with an error message.
That is OK. The upload will succeed.
When the upload is complete, (or even if it gives an error), contact
Susan Poole to let her know.